For article submission of our journal, the following 5 files must be uploaded to the system ....


1) Article file with author names (word)

It is the article file that include the authors’ names, contact informations, ORCID NO in the article.


2) Article file without author names (word)

It is an article file without author names, contact information, ORCID NO and prepared by deleting them in the article template.

This file will be sent to review by the referees.


3) Copyright Form

Use our renewed form which you can find under the “For Authors” section of our journal website.

Copyright form must be signed by all authors with signature.


4) Similarity Index Report

It is the report of your article with the iThenticate Plagiarism Detection software (may be excluded “References” section). 

Articles with 24% and above similarity index report will not be accepted.


5) Application Checklist

It is a checklist created to make your article application complete. Check and confirm all checkboxes.

Do not tick the checkboxes for edits that you have not fulfilled or have not made.


6) Ethics Committee Document (If required)